Funded Companies

Fund Name Category Funded Company Funded Amount $M USD
Haystack Ventures Retail, Startup, AI Product Developement and IT Companies DoorDash, Instacart $50
Equal Ventures New Innovations, Service Industry, Block Chains Patternbrands, Block Renovation, Meet Gerry $56
Union Square Ventures Simple Software Products, Entertainment Softwares Leap, Wren, Juro, JustWorks, Meet Cute, Marley spoon $190
Plexo Capital startups, early stage companies and emerging VC funds Red Bay Coffee, Virtual Kitchen, Wonder School, Real Blocks $43
Harlem Capital HR Tech, FinTech, D2C, Wellness, Healthcare, Software, Logistics, Legal Tech and Media Shine Text, Prosky, Jobble, Paladin $40
House Fund Blockchain, Security, Cloud, Robotics, Logistics,Gaming Boxbot, Symbio, Forte, Oasis Labs $44
Golden Ventures Consumer, Hardware, Marketing, Mobile, Robotics, Material Science, Marketplaces Ritual, Avidbots, Delphia, Faire, Lustre $58
Conductive Ventures Investing, Customer Development, Marketing, Sales, Consumer, Information Technology Alpha Vantage, Ambient, Banyan, Cloudbees, Dashbase $100
Unitus Seed Fund JobTech, Healthcare, Fintech, AI, Education Kyepot, Cyclops, Predible, Addresshealth, Blowhorn $13
Anterra Capital AgTech, Financial Services, Supply chain Management Enko, Agrimetis, Smartwyre, Farmobile, Edge $200