About us

VK Rise Investments is the backbone that every business needs. All one needs to do is walk in with an idea and VK take care of the rest.

Founded by Mani Nagappan, VK Rise Investments provides services to the start-up world in highly professional settings with detailed insights on legal and financial jargon that sometimes becomes the crutch to creative entrepreneurs.

We are a web and mobile based platform from start to finish for fund raising for existing start-ups, SMEs and Business Enterprises. We aim to be the connect Entrepreneurs and Investors of their business right by providing them with a technology platform needed to build an idea into a fully functional and successful company.

As a company our mission is two-fold and straight forward. VK Investments have established ourselves as a advisory firm for different Investors across Globe. where we aim to build a friendly team while providing them a balanced and challenging work space that understands the struggles of Startup, the challenges of being an Entrepreneur and the need for facilities to build the bigger Vision.